Charles Taylor Pens

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The highest quality in all of our ranges. These unique pens use only the best materials and engineering. Available here is a fountain pen and a ball point pen. Beautiful gold plated nib and flourishes. Screw cap top to protect the pen inside. Sturdy long lasting a wonderful statement writing instrument.

This class introduces the first fountain and ball point pen set. Offers also a special addition for car enthusiasts. The Original class represents its truly British design and engineering. Quality materials sourced from the UK. Charles Taylor names this his favourite class, due to it being one of the first in his creations.

Gem collection is a completely British hand - crafted excellence. These pens are simply elegant. Wonderful for every day usage due to the free flowing stylus. Charles uses these in all his typical every day business meetings. Perfect for quick note taking or lengthy description.  

This Classic collection is yet again completely hand crafted British excellence. All of the materials are sourced from good old blighty. Twist top functionality protects the ball point. Slightly more exclusive than the Gem collection these pens are finished with either gun metal or chrome. Easy writing for everyone.