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How did Charles Taylor Pens start?

At a young age I was interested in making things with wood. This I believe is part of my blood as both my uncles and cousins are joiners and my grandfather was a carpenter/ joiner. When I was 4 I received my first metal tool box and by the age of 6 I was using an axe in the garden. I would spend hours learning and trying new ventures. Much to my disappointment a tree in our garden needed cutting down due to its overgrown state and the roots disrupting our house. This while sad, was a great opportunity to acquire the left over wood and use it for carving and practise.  I created Father Christmas ornaments. These were a great success and with that in mind I sold them. 10% of the proceeds went to Chestnut Tree House Charity (I did this for two years running) and the rest went towards buying more tools, so I could make more advanced products. I also sent the children a set of my carvings to put on display.

After savings funds and receiving money for birthday’s and Christmas, I started growing my workshop and creating more and more complex work. However, several tools I was still apprehensive about using. My uncle happened to know an elderly gentleman who had expertise in wood turning. This was of great help to me as I finally could use the range in my workshop. Here was where I was first introduced to hand crafted pens. He showed me not only how to make them, but how to produce a perfect finish. This grew into a passion of mine and I started spending money on pen kits and trying out new ideas. I realised that while I was making the pens I wasn't doing anything with them and I had a large inventory. This was when I started selling them at school to parents, teachers and friends. The school recognised what I was doing and wanted to support the project. They enrolled me in the Young entrepreneurs program. I continue to make my pens selling them to a wide variety of people from solicitors to footballers. As a side note I would just like to thank the people who have helped me along the way. Sharing expertise, produce and even tools. This has helped me develop and expand my ideas which I am hoping to take with me further into the future.  

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